The GROWTH stream...

The Growth stream will aim to identify growth themes, growth sectors and growth stocks. Speakers have been asked to present actionable stock ideas in their talks and hold their content over until the conference.


The Ins and Outs of Reporting Seasons
Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, FNArena

FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck previews corporate Australia’s August reporting season.

An Australian’s guide to investing in US stocks
Matthew Jones,
Capital 19

Matthew’s aim is to give you all the knowledge you need to become a Global Investor.

Michael O'Neill
The dream run is over. What are the benefits and risks of investing Australian banks?
Michael O’Neill, Investors Mutual

A look at the risks investors should be aware of when owning shares in Australia’s big 4 banks and the current investment case for banks post-Royal Commission.

Rethinking blue chip investing - Not all blue-chip stocks are the same
Lawrence Lam, Lumenary

Investors should be vigilant when investing in traditional blue chip stocks. Size does not always guarantee safety.

Unearthing China’s megatrends
Catherine Yeung, Fidelity

China expects to once again become the global Superpower. What do Chine’s policies mean for investors?

Investing offshore in 2019
Bill Pridham,
Ellerston Capital

The global opportunities you need to know about now. Bill will highlight the ongoing merit of investing offshore, the diversification benefits as well as where to invest offshore and provide several stocks to consider.

Fads and Fashion; Opportunities in Australian retail stocks
Joseph Kim,

The future for retail stocks. The dynamics of the retail sector and how to assess an investment opportunity.

Finding the high
flyers and knowing
when to bail
Angie Ellis,
AIA Member

Angie will outline the rigorous modelling she does to develop her current investing and trading plan and the results she has had.

What investors can expect in the Australian mining & energy sector
Matthew Haupt,
Wilson Asset Management

Macro-economic forces have an impact on large-cap Australian companies. WAM Leaders Lead Portfolio Manager Matthew Haupt will discuss the effect of these forces and the current macro-economic environment, and how investors can navigate these opportunities.

Selecting ASX Shares To Retire On
Lasse Petersen,
AIA Member

Lasse shares his simple approach to selecting quality ASX shares for growth & income, and his experiences managing risk & volatility.