The STRATEGY stream...

The Strategy stream will include an element of Stock Market education as well as touching on more diverse subjects like Taxation, Estate planning, Disruption, and your kids.


The low down on the global slow down
Stephen Koukoulas

How important will the softening in the global economy be for Australia? What will it mean for markets?

Economic Outlook: Climbing the
Wall of Worry
Craig James,

Assessing the implications of changes in the economy.

Julia Lee
Cycles, allocation and stock selection in a volatile market
Julia Lee,
Bell Direct

Increasing volatility and longer economic cycles requires investors to consider strategies to beat the market and protect captial.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Investment Strategy
Roger Montgomery, Montinvest

Roger will apply his unique insights to a list of economic and market conditions and indicators, stocks and dangers to help you navigate the remainder of 2019 and

Is Australia about to run out of luck?
Gerard Minack, Independent Economist

Assessing the likelihood of a recession and indicators to watch that the risk of the recession is rising. What we should expect markets to do if there is a recession.

A year in Funds Management - Ten lessons for the do-it-yourself investor.
Marcus Padley,
Marcus Today

In this talk, Marcus entertains once again as he reports on a year in funds management distilling his errors and successes into ten lessons for you the do-it-yourself investor.

Investment Strategies for a changing
financial world
Michael McCarthy,
CMC Markets

A focus on the key aspects of current market conditions and potential investor responses. Practical and effective strategies.

Evidence-Based Investing for the Share Market
Nick Radge,
The Chartist

Using an evidence-based investment strategy for a consistent and confident approach to managing your shares during all market conditions.

Asset Allocation In Interesting Times
Doug Turek, Professional Wealth

How much you should invest in what, and expect to earn? Revisit your asset allocation and outlook for return and risk.

A new tax environment – Franking credits, capital gains, and the effect on retirees
Max Newnham,

How to deal with actual and possible income tax, capital gains tax, super changes.

The Old World v’s the New Age
Michael Wayne, Medallion Financial

Michael will discuss when looking at investing in a company, investors need to consider it is not just “big versus small”, rather it an issue of “Old World versus New World”

Skype interview with a Kurt Winrich, CEO & Portfolio Manager of US-based WCM Investment Management
Marty Switzer,

In this live Skype interview from WCM’s California headquarters, Marty will interview Kurt about his unique investment process that has resulted in an impressive long-term history of out performance.

Charting our course for the rest of the year
Scott Haslem,
Crestone Wealth

An overview of economic and geo-political issues likely to effect markets over the rest of the year and recommended portfolio weightings.

Screening for winning Fund Managers, while removing the duds
Dr Jerome Lander, Procapital

Provide his insights and analysis on how to screen and review fund managers to ensure your portfolio is aligned to the right fund manager.